Thursday, May 7, 2015

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Many of our patients have become more active lately by enjoying outdoor activities, sports and hobbies.  We also see a greater number of repetitive strain injuries from all the increased activity. 
Foot problems can begin to surface as your activity level increases.  Included in this month’s newsletter is an article on bunions and how we can help you alleviate the pain and dysfunction associated with your foot condition.  We will also share with you an important tip on proper lifting procedure to help prevent lower back injuries.
A Non-Surgical Solution for Bunions
The bunion is a misalignment deformity involving the big toe.  As the bunion develops you will begin to notice an enlargement on the inner side of the first toe near the metatarsal-phalangeal (MTP) joint where the big toe joins to the long bone of the foot.
As the bunion continues to enlarge you may begin to experience pain, swelling and limited range of motion in the MTP joint.  You may even have pain due to the rubbing and friction of your bunion on the inside of constricting shoes.
There are 26 bones in the foot.  When these bones lose their healthy alignment it may lead to the formation of a bunion.
A foot surgeon will often want to break the first metatarsal bone (the long bone in the foot) and bend it so that it appears to be straightened.  The problem with this procedure is that it does nothing to improve the actual underlying problem (the structural misalignment) that caused the bunion to develop in the first place.

When you develop a bunion there is typically a misalignment problem involving the hind-foot and mid-foot as well as the fore-foot.  This means that the bunion problem is a full-foot condition and must be treated as such.
At this clinic we work with the entire foot to diagnose and correct the alignment of the heel and ankle as well as the mid-foot and fore-foot.  That ensures a quicker return to health for patients who suffer with bunions and other foot disorders.
We have taken our chiropractic services to a whole new level.  We also work on correcting misalignments of the feet in addition to adjusting the spine.  We do this by providing gentle adjustments to the foot bones.
Our foot patients love having their feet adjusted.  Since your feet act as the foundation for your legs, pelvis and spine, having them aligned properly will benefit your entire body.

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