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Here is the proper way to protect your back when picking up your golf ball.

Protect Your Back Using the "Golfer's Lift"
Over 80% of Americans will suffer debilitating back pain during their lifetime. This means that you have a high chance of experiencing an injury that could cost you time away from work or life as you know it.
Many times injuries to the spine are caused by incorrect posture, poor lifting habits and other movements you perform on a routine basis.  To help avoid a possible injury you need to ensure that you always use proper body mechanics while bending over to pick up even the lightest of objects.
You need to understand the potential problems that can occur from lifting while bending over.  It’s common for people to bend at their waist without bending their knees.  Bending over or lifting objects without using proper body mechanics may compromise your spine which can lead to back problems.
Many times it’s while someone is lifting a small, lightweight object that they experience a new injury in their lower back. It’s common for people to use caution while lifting heavy items but ignore proper posture while picking up their pen that fell to the floor.  
The “golfer’s lift” is a great way to reduce stress on the back while picking up small, lightweight objects.
Have you ever noticed professional golfers when they retrieve the ball from the hole? They often bend over while standing on one leg as the other leg swings behind them acting as a counterbalance.  Because the lower back stays relatively straight using this lifting technique, this helps prevent lower back injuries.  Think about how many times golfers bend over to pick up the golf ball. That is why this lift is commonly referred to as the golfer’s lift.
Here’s how to properly use the golfer’s lift in 3 easy steps.
Golfer's Lift

Step 1-Stand near the object as if you were going to bend over and pick it up.
Step 2-Hold onto something to support you as you bend over.  Golfer’s often use their club for support. A table or chair would work great as a support.
Step 3-As you bend over to pick up the object, bend one leg slightly (the supporting leg) and slowly lift the other leg backward as you bend over.  Try to avoid bending too far at the waist without the free leg moving with your upper torso.
Step 4-As you slowly come back up with the object in hand, also bring your leg down until you are standing upright..
If you experience pain while practicing the golfer’s lift, discontinue using this lifting method. However if that is the case you should mention that on your next appointment and we can discuss other alternatives for lifting small objects.
Disclaimer: This content is solely for informational purposes and should not be substituted for medical or chiropractic advice. It is recommended that you seek professional advice by a licensed health care professional.
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