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Ways to Increase a Child's Happiness this Holiday Season

4 Great Ways to Increase a Child's Happiness this Holiday Season And it's NOT What You Think!
According to a study by psychologists at the University of British Columbia, children are happier to give than to receive. In this study, children were asked to give away their own treats, as well as extra treats. They showed greater happiness about sharing their own possessions. The study suggested that the act of personal sacrifice was emotionally more rewarding to the children involved. 
What is the best way to increase your children’s holiday cheer?  According to the research, it’s allowing them the opportunity to give.
Here are 4 great ways you and your family can give back this holiday season.
Childrens Happiness
1. Volunteer. If you are not in the position to give financially, there are many ways to serve and give of your time. Call a local charity and give them some hours of volunteer service. It is the best holiday therapy of all! Some example ideas would be to serve holiday dinner to the homeless, or sing Christmas carols as a family to those that do not get frequent visitors throughout the year, such as nursing homes, assisted living centers and disabled or handicapped service centers. Perhaps you can make a meal for someone that is sick or home-bound or even donate your time to babysit for a single mother.

2. Donate books. Spread your joy for books to others that like to read. Collect books that you may never read again and look for ways to give locally. You will save on shipping costs and help those in your community. Consider your local libraries, Goodwill, or Salvation Army. If shipping is not a problem, you may consider great charities such as “Books for Soldiers” or “Books for Africa”.
3. Deliver cookies. Baking cookies as a family is a common activity during the holiday season. Make a few extras to gift those who are serving the community by working on Christmas day. Hotels, airports, hospitals, fire stations and stores are open for business. Call ahead and check company policy before you deliver.
4. Give yourself. Pack up the kids for a quick holiday visit to those that matter most. Bring egg nog or hot chocolate and share a cup (…or two) with those relatives who you do not normally have the opportunity to spend extra time with during the year. Start a tradition while strengthening family bonds.
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