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Self Massage Technique for Hand Pain

Easy Self-Massage to Alleviate Hand Discomfort
If you experience stress or fatigue in your hands it wouldn’t be uncommon for most to deem it unnecessary to call in for a checkup, however it could be an indicator of an underlying hand problem. 
In the meantime I’d like to give you a simple self-relaxation technique you can use to relieve your hand tightness and fatigue.  Keep in mind however these relaxation techniques will not correct the underlying problem, rather it will merely provide short-term relief to help you better cope with hand symptoms.
To apply this self-massage technique you will use one hand to massage the other.  To avoid any confusion I will guide you through this simple technique for massaging the right hand.  You may do this on yourself as you read the instructions using your left hand to massage your right hand.
There are two major areas of the palm that we will focus on:Hand Massage Technique

  1. The fleshy muscle pad on the thumb side of your hand (aka thenar pad)
  2. The fleshy muscle pad on the pinky finger side of your hand (aka hypothenar pad)
There are several small muscles that make up these two prominent muscle pads on the palm surface of your hand.  Massaging these two fleshy pads periodically throughout the day can help keep your hand relaxed and functioning as you continue to work. 
You should use the thumb of your left hand to gently stroke the thenar pad on your right hand.  One of the best methods to work this muscle group is to stroke from the crease at the central portion of your hand (known as the palmar crease) outward toward your thumb.
Massage the thenar pad area for approximately 30-60 seconds and then take a short break. 
Now you should perform a very similar process to the hypothenar pad on the pinky side of your right hand.  Again you should work the muscle group by starting near the palmar crease and stroking outward toward the edge of your hand.  You may also massage by starting near the wrist and stroking outward toward the pinky finger.
Keep in mind that these massage techniques are not supposed to cause pain.  They also are not meant to diagnose or treat any hand condition you may have.  These gentle massage techniques are merely to help you temporarily relax your stressed and fatigued hands.
Again if you have been suffering with hand symptoms (even mild symptoms) we highly recommend that you schedule for a hand evaluation at our clinic.
***Disclaimer: This content is solely for informational purposes and should not be substituted for medical or chiropractic advice. It is recommended that you seek professional advice by a licensed health care professional.

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