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Why New Mothers Develop Wrist Pain

Why New Mothers Develop Wrist Pain
Have you ever held a newborn baby and cradled its little body in your arms as you held them snugly to your body?  A new mother may do this for several hours every day.
Cradling a baby can be hard work if you do it the wrong way.  That means there is a “right way” and a “wrong way” to hold a baby.  Mothers who hold their babies the incorrect way are likely to develop “mother’s wrist”.  Mother’s wrist is a common name associated with a wrist condition otherwise known as De Quervain’s Syndrome.
This condition causes significant pain or discomfort on the thumb side of the hand near the wrist.  Some mothers may even develop a small cyst (ganglion cyst) in that same area.
The mistake that most mothers make is that they cradle their little one in their arms without paying any attention to how their hands and wrists are positioned.  The most common problem is that the mother’s wrist is bent sideways or in a flexed position.  This position alone isn’t what causes the problem, rather it’s the incorrect position coupled with the baby’s weight for a sustained period of time.
Mommy's Wrist

Holding a baby with your wrist bent can lead to repetitive strain injuries to the hand, wrist and forearm.  It’s not difficult to change your posture to keep the wrists and hands more relaxed and protected.  You do this by maintaining your wrists in a straight, more neutral position while you cradle your baby.
Holding your hands in an awkward, bent position for long periods of time will commonly lead to misalignments of the tiny wrist bones (carpal bones).  De Quervain’s Syndrome or “mother’s wrist” is often associated with misalignments of one or more of the bones in the hand or wrist.
Gentle chiropractic adjustments to the wrist, hand and possibly even the forearm will correct the underlying biomechanical cause of De Quervain’s Syndrome and other wrist ailments that mothers often suffer from.
If you know someone who is dealing with hand or wrist problems please tell them about our practice.  We are making a huge difference in the health of many patients’ hands through gentle chiropractic wrist and hand adjustments. We thank you for helping us spread the word about our hand and foot expertise.
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